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usage: [options] [src_dir [dest_dir]]

  src_dir      source directory to search for MOD/MOI
  dest_dir     destination directory for MPG files
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -f, --force   override files with same name in destination directory
  -g, --gui     force interactive mode
 -p, --preview preview only, don't copy, don't create non-existent directories

mpg format

The aspect ratio is coded in the MPG sequence headers.
  • sequence header starts with 00 00 01 B3
  • aspect ratio is encoded in upper nibble at byte with offset 7
    Value Aspect Ratio
    0 'forbidden'
    1 1:1 Square Pixels
    2 4:3 Display
    3 16:9 Display
    4 2.21:1 Display
    5-15 'reserved' 
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