Welcome to modcopy

A tool for copying video files from memory stick based camcorders to hard disk. Copies MOD movie files from SD(HC) card and renames the file extension to MPG. In addition the widescreen flag is detected in the MOI file and applied to the MPG file.

System Requirements

For modcopy you require Python 2.5.4. Click here to download.


The latest version of modcopy is available for download here.


There are two installation modes planned:
  1. python package
  2. windows installable
Currently only a manual workaround is available:
  1. Unzip the package to a directory (for example: c:\apps\modcopy)
  2. python.exe shall be in your PATH
  3. invoke modcopy by calling the modcopy.bat in the installation directory. For example: modcopy s:\ c:\video\panasonic

bugs & feature requests

Please use the Trac application here to log any bugs or feature requests. I granted rights to create and modify tickets  to anonymous users. 


Here I list the tools used for creation of modcopy.

Process Tools
Source Code Mgmt Mercurial
Platform Python 2.5.4
IDE eclipse
unit & regression test python built-in (not implemented)
code coverage n/a
static analysis pylint
dynamic analysis (profiler) python built-in (not implemented)
documentation epydoc (not yet done)
packaging WiX (not yet done)
python distutils (not yet done)
deployment Sourceforge